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FIFA Mobile – the continuation of the football simulator on the android which does not need to be advertised, because in many years he gathered his army of fans. With the first launch of the game, you will realize that more beautiful and realistic graphics on mobile devices have not yet been met. The game combined both a football game simulator and a detailed football manager. Hundreds of clubs, dozens of leagues and cups, as well as thousands of really existing players, each of which is unique.

Electronic Arts has redesigned FIFA and created a completely new football, in which everything will not be available, and it needs to be torn as it learns and acquires an unforgettable experience. Now there are absolutely new game modes, Live-events for which you can get special bonuses. Join and you are already hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world who play in a full-fledged multiplayer and appreciate all the benefits of FIFA Mobile.


In this tutorial, we will learn how to perform the most basic actions in a football match.

FIFA Mobile is a video game that tries to take to your smartphone the closest feeling to what a football match is. Difficult thing, because the hardware we have is what it is, but still, is able to put us before some very good graphics and a gameplay that is left to play without complicating much.

Based on gestures we can make the different shots on goal or penalties to face the goalkeeper. We can also use short presses on the screen to pass the ball to a partner so that different combinations can be made so that the passes are given at the first touch. We will progress through more advanced tutorials in which we can know how to take a counterattack to press at the right time the shot with a gesture. The truth is that configuring the trajectory of the shot with a gesture allows us to quickly indicate how we want to perform it; a pretty striking detail.

Create Your Best Team

FIFA Mobile lets you create your favorite team. You can make alienation adjustments on the fly or get cards to update your team with the best players. Here enter the envelopes as an important element of game with which you can get letters. These can be from plans to players with which to update the different positions of your team.

You will have live events to get more cards and the option to access the attack mode in which you will face intense matches. You can join a league in which other players and friends will fight to be the best. Here you will have more than 30 leagues, 650 real teams and 17,000 real players that make FIFA a great football experience

A good assortment of options and gameplays to follow the Champions League games or those of the weekend. FIFA is a game not comparable to the console version, but it offers a wide variety of content so that from your smartphone you can play the king of sports.

Technical Quality

In the technical section FIFA Mobile embroiders it in all aspects, among which the hyperrealistic graphics, its soundtrack or the great realization in the effects of the ball and sound stand out. A game of ten in this sense that will show the best of the screen of your smartphone.

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